Poem-sharing at the same time

January 23, 2009 - 2 Responses

There is the long passage in a station.
Department stores and restaurants, small shops line up gorgeously.

There are a lot of vagrants aside of the long passage.
Their clothes do not leave any primary color and do the color that black, gray and dust were mixed in.
They prepare the small territory into each under their theory.
Their big bags are their only prperty and they are used as their pillows to rest.
Some of them are sleeping and turn to the wall against us.
Some of them are losing their souls from their eyes.
The bad smell of pee and dirt makes the atmosphere special.
Though there is the outside world, it seems to be another world that is totally isolated.

The wind which has shop girls’ lively voices
The sealed wind which is treated as the heretical world
Both of these winds blow heartlessly.

We who ignore them
They who are neglected by us
Everyone in there is sharing
the nearest place for happiness and misfortune
at the same time.

(c)2009 Takako All rights reserved.


Poem-Under the Moonlight

January 14, 2009 - Leave a Response

At midnight, the moonlight points our bedside calmly.
The day that doesn’t know the nightfall

Beside you, who are sleeping deeply,
I look upon the yellow full moon alone.

“It’s better two than one.”

I thought my choice was right.
So, I never regret my life.

I touched your cheek gently and slipped to our blanket again.
I closed my eyes perfectly
till beauty of the moon that shined in the backside of eyelids became extinct.


(c)2009 Takako All right reserved.

Poem-The Last Cold November

November 28, 2008 - Leave a Response

Poem-The Last Cold November
Category: Writing and Poetry


It’s the dark morning glow at 5 a.m.
Rain begins to send us the message of its sound slowly.
The last cold November
lets the last leaf on a maple tree swing in right and left.
Before the morning sunshine visits us,
the scorching red broken piece flies to the sky highly.
And then,
it falls down to the place where its friends have already slept well.

I open a window and exhale my white breath.
I play putting a foggy silence on my palm for a while.

©2008 Takako All rights reserved.

Poem-“Today is a wonderful day, sir”

October 8, 2008 - Leave a Response

“Hi! Today is a wonderful day, sir.”

You greeted me over your special umbrella made of a green leaf.
“Why is today a good day though it is rainy?”
Though I watched you wondering your curious talk,
your eyes shined in the emerald color and smiled at me innocently.

“Hi. Today is so sir.”

I greeted you over my black umbrella made of art
“Hum, it is surely right,
because it is on a day of such a rain that I can see you closely.”

You said “Ribbit, rabbit” of good-bye to me
and began to talk again to somebody near you.

“Hi! Today is a wonderful day, sir.”

©2008 Takako All rights reserved.

Poem-There, The Blue Angel

October 7, 2008 - Leave a Response

An entrance

The light of the sun was decreased gradually from there.
The darkness was spread in front of my bare foot silently.
The frozen quietness gave its farewell to the sound.
I was panic with rough breaths.
I fought with insanity in the promised loneliness by infinity.

I don’t know how long the time passed.
The line of light shines my forth place.
Glittering small pieces of air dance happily here and there.

The light of the sun is increased more and more.
The brightness is spread in front of my head cheerfully.
The blue angel from the heaven says good-bye to the darkness.
I am calm with gentle breaths.
I am given a friend named hope for the unknown future.

I cannot see that clearly, but I can see that indistinctly.
I stretch my hands and soar to there

An exit

(c)2008 Takako All rights reserved.

Poem-A Foggy Town in Japan

October 1, 2008 - Leave a Response

Poem-A Foggy Town in Japan
Category: Writing and Poetry



The scenery of this town was showing
its gray smoke of clouds.
It didn’t know the end
of the mysterious scene far and wide.
The town left an idea called time
without making any sound perfectly.

This illusive wonderland lost its way
of the deep mythical world.
I looked for the vigorous voice of people frantically.
My uneasy ignored soul was sneered at
another immortal dimension that was never over.

Several hours later,

solar sunlight began to light up the town little by little.
When the voice from somebody reached my ears,
my soul was rescued from the labyrinth.

Time gave the town life in resurrection
The fictional world closed its page
and then disappeared changing a figure into the light. 

A Foggy Town in Japan


©2008 Takako All rights reserved.

Poem-your temporary good-bye

September 28, 2008 - Leave a Response
From the top of a hill,
my swollen eyes looked down our home.
The runaway invitation from loneliness
led me to this place suddenly

For the blowing wind in nature,
I smelled of you
For the swinging leaves in nature,
I caught your gentle eyes
I came here to look for you

In colorful jewels of lights in sunshine,
your shadow of my illusion waved a hand and said to me,
“Smile and wait for me because I return soon”

The small streamflow made fun of my sentimental tears
and splashed its glittering drops of cheers

For my sad time of
Your Temporary Good-bye





(c)2008 Takako All rights reserved.

Poem-my “Yes” to you…

September 25, 2008 - Leave a Response
My “Yes” to you last night,
I tried to say it in a way as usual, however,
your inference power surely did not fail to catch
my honest emotion that I should kill in my core,
and my true physical condition that I did not notice at all

At the night when the moon was beautiful,
you blew your breaths to my face suddenly.
Though I watched you slightly in wonder,
the wind of your warmth made me remind of
the memorial moment of our first kiss
I longed and felt happy, saying my funny joke to you,
“I’m not a birthday cake!”
My recent delicate sleep became nonstop
as a good girl until morning.

Your original incredible idea
always excites me amazingly.
It is made of your deep love for me.

Surely my “Yes” to you today blooms
more cheerfully than yesterday. . .


(c)2008 Takako All rights reserved.

Poem-aroma of you

September 22, 2008 - Leave a Response

Poem-Aroma of You
Category: Writing and Poetry


Summer which I love most ends her turn soon
The season when cicadas play with newborn yellow bloom
My curious habit which you don’t like
I am addicted to bury my face
in the shirt that your sweat oozed out

Neither the rosemary,
the chamomile,
nor the lavender

You give me the sweet scent
with your inner strength of love
In the moment when it wraps me,
I lighten a candle made of my gentle emotion
The waved flame is my smile
healed by your original gift

The Aroma of You, my secret ecstasy

(c)2008 Takako All rights reserved

Poem-it died…

September 19, 2008 - Leave a Response

Emptiness…it didn’t know.

The meaningless pride was scattered on the floor.
Glory collapsed in disappointment in silence.

Loss of eyesight of imaginary money named stock
The hopeless starvation of the market to be uncollectible

On that day,
the golden grand castle of the impregnability
was carried off suddenly by a big wave, and disappeared.

Bankruptcy…it died.

 ©2008 Takako All rights reserved.